About Us

Advice associate is a well-known and recognized name working for last 10 years in the real estate sector. We are a distinguished service provider. Our company offers a wide range of real estate services such as

1. Assistance in matters of purchase/sale
2. Marketing of housing societies
3. Investment solutions in real estate sector.

We are known for unmatched quality yet affordable rates. Our properties have always been a fine combination of aesthetic beauty in a clean, green environment being coupled with all the essentials for modern lifestyle. We intend to provide the ultimate product to our customers ensuring quality in design and construction. We follow a systematic approach to help our valued customers to strike the best deal. Our modus operandi- clients are taken on the site, we help them finalize the location, assist in legal matters and then transfer ownership in their name. if you have any requirement or query Please contact us without any hesitation. Best and Warmest Regards.

Habib Elahi

Phone Number 0321 662 3950

Muhammad Abdullah

phone Number 0321 767 3867

Muhammad Shahzad

Phone Number 0322 751 8194